Review: Divergent by Veronica Roth



The world is broken up into five factions:

  • Candor – the honest ones
  • Abnegation – the selfless ones
  • Dauntless – the brave ones
  • Amnity – the peaceful ones
  • Erudite – the smart ones

In the year that teenagers turn 16, they get to decide which faction they want to live in based on a simulation test that they completed. Once they decide their fate in a ceremony they will have to live in the faction for the rest of their lives. Sounds easy, right? It isn’t that easy for our protagonist, Beatrice. The results for her simulation ended up inconclusive, she doesn’t belong to a particular faction. She’s considered divergent. But shhh, no one can know that, as it usually is associated with death. As a result, her choosing of a faction is much more harder than her peers or even her twin brother. She doesn’t know whether to stay with the faction of her parents, Amnity, or to branch off and become someone that she could be proud of.


That was amazing! I went into this book not knowing much except that Tris is pretty cool, Four is many people’s book boyfriend and that there were similarities between Divergent and the Hunger Games books. I’m happy that I didn’t know much despite the fact that this book is seriously hyped up and turned into a movie.

In the beginning chapter of the book I will agree with others that there was an uncanny resemblance between the Hunger Games and Divergent, with the different factions and the fact that our protagonist Beatrice, comes from the one that isn’t full of luxury and riches. However, as the plot continued on the book went on it’s own path and I’m so happy it did. I loved that there was a ton of action, a little romance (except in that one scene knowing that other people were watching), and no love triangle. *gasp* no love triangle in a popular dystopian novel? Yup.

I also loved the characters. Tris is such a kick-ass, bad-ass character and once she fully supports a cause, there’s no looking back. She loves her family to death and would do anything for them. Four…I liked but I’m not head over heels with him as others are. Yeah, he’s hot, does some cute gestures every once in a while and has a past that no one should have. Meh. Maybe he’ll grow on me more with the continuation of the series.

Listening to the audiobook, narrated by Emma Galvin was an experience and highly recommended to everyone; even if you’ve already read the book before. She truly personified Tris. For example, when Tris could barely breathe and talk in a volume just higher than a whisper, so did Emma. When Tris was being strangled and the air was escaping her lungs and tried to gulp in breaths, so did Emma. She has an incredible ability to alter her voice in ways that distinguish characters and no two ever sounded the same. I will definitely look out for books specifically narrated by her, she is one of the best narrators I’ve heard so far.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars