The Time and Place Book Tag

Books can often be associated with memories. Memories of where you were when you first heard of the book, memories of experiences of reading them and at times memories of friendships. The Time and Place book tag was created by Non Fic Books on Youtube as a way to share these stories. While she did say to pick 10, I don’t think I can pick that many; instead I’ll pick as many books as I can. Here we go!

Book 1: The Seventh Princess by Nick Sullivan

This book brings me back to my early elementary school years. During that time, teachers would bring us to the school library and let us take out 1 book for the month. While perusing the stacks, I found this gem. The synopsis sucked me in and I read it within one or two sittings, and it sucked me in. This was the first book that I read that I had absolutely loved and needed to talk about it with other people. And I did. I also loved it so much that I made a mini-pact with myself to read the book once a year, just because.

Book 2: Twilight by Stephanie Meyer

I feel like a lot of other people will have this on their list but I still wanted to tell my story of how I came out this book. It was late elementary school, probably grade 6 or 7. My friend who lived across the street from me was really into reading books as much as I did, she probably read even more. So, we took a trip to the local library looking through the young adult section. She came across Twlight. At the time, the premise didn’t sound that amazing to me. In fact, it kind of disgusted me and I vowed to her that I would read it. I mean, who wants to read a story where a centuries old vampire falls in love with an unsuspecting 18-year old girl? I sure didn’t.

So at the end of the day I took out some books and my friend did, then went our separate ways. Two days later, I kid you not, she comes knocking on my door, basically throwing this book at me. “Sam, you have to read this book! It is amazing! I know you don’t like vampires but you’ll love this!” I looked at it apprehensively and looked back at her. Uncovinced I took the book and probably replied along the lines of “okay….I don’t want to read it but if you say so…” It took me a week to read it and at the end of it. I was the one banging on her door, literally praising the book. The rest of my elementary and high school time was spent reading these books and discussing them with her.

Book 3: The House of Night series by P.C and Kristin Cast

I know I talked about this series in the post. But this series was such a big deal for my friends and I during late elementary school and early high school. Simply put, at the time this series was the shit. Everyone in my friends circle read it and raved about it. So much, that we would buy it for each other’s birthday or we would just sit during a recess or during lunch and just talk about it…or mostly admire how hot Erik was. He was quite dreamy to our 13-year old minds.

We were all so obsessed that when the authors did a book signing in our city, we all dressed up like the characters. All black and inscribed drawings on our foreheads that resembled the tattoos/markings the vampyres had in the series. Yes, we went hardcore.

Book 4: Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead.

This story takes us back to my mid-high school years. I had been at my job for about a year and was finally becoming comfortable with my co-workers enough to have decent conversations without making a fool out of myself. One day, my co-worker and I discussed our favourite books from our past and vampires were brought into the discussion. Turns out, my friend had recently read a vampire book that I had to read. She basically dragged me up a few flights of stairs (not really, but you get my point) and stuck out the Vampire Academy book in my face. That day she told me I had to drop it like it’s hot and read the book. A.S.A.P. and so I did. I think I finished the book within a day or two (even during school, which was a big deal for me at the time). I binged read the entire series, each ending with a lamenting to both my mother and co-worker about that cliffhanger and its associated feels. Each shift we worked together following my reading of the series were filled with talks of Rose, Dimitri, Adrian and all of the other characters. We loved the books so much that years later, after she quit the job to pursue her post-secondary schooling and I was going my own direction, we met up and watched Vampire Academy in the movie theatres. Our verdict: We were slightly disappointed and there was only one memorable scene.

Book 5: Fanfictions

Simply put, due to a variety of fanfics read on Wattpad throughout my high school and early university career, I have met a ton of cool people on the Internet. Every time the author updated a chapter we: freaked out, immediately read it, then proceeded to talk about it for a good couple of hours after the update.

Book 6: The Talented Saga by Sophie Davis. 

I know I have talked about this series a ton on my previous blog, but this one is special to me. I promise it’ll be the last mention for awhile. I read this entire series, up to what had been released in a matter of a week. It was during my first year in university. To be honest, it wasn’t that great of a year, almost horrible. Schooling wise I was struggling to adapt from high school, primarily in how to write a paper (3 years later, that task has been somewhat overcome). I had severe doubts if I was smart enough or eloquent enough for university. Socially, it was a disaster. My best friend from high school dropped me like a piece of shit, and replaced me with an exact replica (a.k.a we were both die-hard One Direction fans) with no explanation and that was hard to cope with. During the early months of classes, I was somewhat friendly with the people on my residence floor. 2 months later, they decided to exclude me from everything. With paper thin walls, and the girls beside me basically being the HQ of the groups’ hangouts, I was in-tune to what was happening. I only really had 3 friends throughout the entirety of my first year.

December exams rolled around and I was socially isolated and (I don’t know if this was the right term for it) but a little bit depressed. Distaste and fakeness oozed out of every nook and cranny when I tried to talk to engage in somewhat conversation with anyone of the floormates. Except for the two people who were kind enough to give me their time of day to either do homework together, regardless if one person was trying to complete a super-complicated physics problem or if I was struggling to write a paper on the reasons why disease was rampant in ancient civilizations after the domestication of plants and specific animals (which didn’t turn out very well if you were wondering). Or we would, very rarely, go out for ice cream to the cafeteria after a long day, decompress and just chat.

Speaking of the caf, meals were excruciatingly hard. I would go from class to class then go to the cafeteria right afterwards for dinner. Too shy to eat dinner alone when pretty much everyone else in my rez and the surrounding ones were all laughing together having a good time, I would go to my room (where I didn’t have room-mates) and watched Youtube videos or read each and every night until the very early hours of the morning. At this time, I had just discovered BookTube (a sect of Youtubers that upload videos primarily on books). In one of those videos, a girl, who I can’t remember for the life of me, read the synopsis of Talented and I was intrigued. Intrigued enough that the next time I went home, I downloaded the book and brought the Kindle with me to school. In a continuing theme of the other books mentioned in this post, I quickly devoured this book as well. I loved Talia, Erik and the events that were going on. I binged read the rest of the series. Them being my only sanity in that first term of first year. One of the few escapes from the shit that had been going on. I looked forward every night to see what would happen to the characters as well as solving the oh-so many unanswered questions.

If you’re reading this, thank you Sophie Davis for writing that series. It helped, a lot.

With that, I think that’s where I’m going to end this. Do you have any specific memories associated with a book?


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